How to Reduce Workers’ Comp. Claims by Providing Group Incentives

How to Reduce Workers’ Comp. Claims by Providing Group Incentives

One of the most significant factors used to determine your business’ Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy Premium (or rate) is the number of Workers’ Compensation Claims you have or had against your business (this is used to determine your business’ Experience Modification, or Ex. Mod.). These claims are incidents reported by your employees when they are injured or sickened while working in your business. The more claims you have, the higher premium you pay for your policy every month. *(Your Premium Payment History is another strong factor in determining your rate!)*

Reducing Workers’ Compensation Claims is a vital practice in order to maintain a lower premium!

Some business owners implement various strategies to minimize the amount of Work Comp Claims against their businesses. Group Incentives are a wonderful means of motivating your staff to increase efforts to practice safe procedures and to avoid unsafe actions or frivolous/unjust claims. One of our clients shared their tip of purchasing a lottery ticket for each employee at the end of every month that they did not have a Work Comp Claim. Another client of ours does the same thing, but uses raffle tickets for prizes, instead.

No matter how you choose to go about it, focusing your efforts on reducing and preventing the amount of Work Comp Claims against your business can mean significantly lowering your insurance costs.

If you have any tips for reducing Work Comp Claims or for Group Incentives, please feel free to let us know!