Your Employee Handbook Could Be Held Against You!

Your Employee Handbook Could Be Held Against You!

A complete Employee Handbook is an essential tool for business owners, used to enforce consistent procedures among your business’ employees. It is very important to note, however, that an INCOMPLETE/INACCURATE Employee Handbook can seriously work against you, the business owner!

This is why it is highly recommended to have your business’ Employee Handbook reviewed by a trusted labor attorney.

A labor attorney can advise you on:

1) Federal and State rules and regulations that are CONSTANTLY changing!

2) Violations of the National Labor Relations Act

3) Leave(s) of Absences for Employees

We have included an attachment courtesy of Los Angeles-based labor attorney Alfred Landagger regarding these very points!
(visit Alfred Landegger’s site by CLICKING HERE!)

It is also vital that your Employee Handbook is specific to your business! Using a generic Employee Handbook is not advised.

So in conclusion:
Make sure your business’ Employee Handbook meets the current state and federal rules and regulations by having it reviewed by a labor attorney.

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