Simple, Yet Crucial Reminder (Changes/Updates to Your Business)

Simple, Yet Crucial Reminder (Changes/Updates to Your Business)

An extremely important, yet sometimes easy-to-forget step in updating your business’ information is that of informing your insurance agent or broker of any changes to the following:

1) Any/all changes of business namepartnership or entity(ies).
2) Adding/Deletion of a new location.
3) Adding/Deletion of a new commercial vehicle or new driver.
4) Adding/Deletion of Additional Insured(s) such as: a bank, your landlord or equipment company.
5) Any/all changes of services in your business such as: Adding/Deletion of Delivery.

These types of changes (just to name a few) that go unreported to your insurance agent or broker could result in inaccurate and/or invalid insurance coverage.

For your protection, always remember to update your agent or broker AS SOON AS NEW CHANGES ARE MADE!

Before your Annual Policy Renewal:
Please keep an eye out for emails from us requesting important, updated information regarding your business.