What to Do If You Have a Potential Claim On Your Hands

What to Do If You Have a Potential Claim On Your Hands

Every incident involving a customer should be taken seriously. Acting fast can help mitigate a claim and reduce the impact on your business. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself:

1) Call 911 if there are serious injuries and/or the customer requests it.

2) Take down all information right away while it is fresh in your mind. Use a standard incident report form like this one and send it to Cooper’s Insurance immediately.

3) NEVER discuss liability or fault with the injured party or their representative. NEVER offer to pay any damages out of pocket. Doing either of these could jeopardize your coverage and make it very difficult for your insurance company to provide a good defense.

4) ONLY discuss the incident with YOUR insurance company’s adjuster or attorney and NO ONE else. Refer inquiries, legal notices, phone calls, and any other contact with any other person to your adjuster.

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