Common Sense is Actually Uncommon (Fire Extinguishers)

Common Sense is Actually Uncommon (Fire Extinguishers)

Last week, one of our clients’ employees noticed a fire in the restaurant’s kitchen. The employee immediately attempted to contact the business owner, calling him at numerous different phone numbers until he finally got a hold of his boss, instead of directly contacting 911.

Your employees may not arrive at the same common-sense conclusions you wish they would in the face of an emergency. This is why enforcing a strict procedure for your employees regarding what to do in the event of a fire is vital. Make sure your employees are aware of this procedure and have access to a written copy of it at all times. Otherwise, they may not act in the most effective ways during the disaster. Make sure your employees know to contact the fire department’s emergency response line immediately if they encounter a fire at your business!

Other Commonly-Made Mistakes – “Restaurant kitchens are often…”:
*… not equipped with K-Class Fire Extinguishers! (click here for more info)
*… equipped with fire extinguishers that are too small for the kitchen they are intended for!
*… equipped with fire extinguishers without proper, up-to-date service tags!
*… not training their employees on how to properly use a fire extinguisher in the case of an actual fire!

Remember to stay safe by always making sure your fire extinguishers are the right type, size, display up-to-date service tags and most importantly – that your employees know how to use these devices effectively.

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