Special Posting Requirements for Businesses & Restaurants

Special Posting Requirements for Businesses & Restaurants

The requirements for Employee Postings in a business vary based on the type of business you are operating and can differ depending on county, state and federal labor laws.

There are some postings that all businesses must visibly display – others are specific to certain establishments.

It is also important to note that these postings are updated often! Always make sure your posters display the most up-to-date information each year!

For a comprehensive list of common required postings in the state of California –

restaurant’s requirements for postings include additional information, such as:

• Injury and Illness Prevention Program
• Cold Storage
• Meat, Fish and Other Grinders
• Rotary Dough Kneader
• Personal Protective Equipment – Hand Protection
• Electrical Safety
• Garbage Disposal
• Fire Extinguisher
Just to name a few topics…

Staying on top of all the different requirements for a restaurant establishment can prove challenging. Luckily, there are wonderful resources in place for business owners to keep up with their requirements.

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Special Posting Requirements for Restaurant Establishments.
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You can find required posters for California HERE!

In summary, it is vital to ensure your business displays the correct and up-to-date required postings for your type of business.