Don’t Fall Victim To “unfair immigration-related practices” Possible Fines of $10,000+

Don’t Fall Victim To “unfair immigration-related practices” Possible Fines of $10,000+

Can you be accused of violating the “unfair immigration-related practices” law?

The law for checking immigration status in 2015 has now been expanded! With bill AB 2751 recently passed there have been revisions to the previously enacted law, “unfair immigration-related practices”. Passed in January 1, 2014, the unfair immigration-related practices law provides certain rights  for immigrant employees. This law was to prohibit employers from retaliating against employees by engaging in the following unfair immigration-related practices:

– refusing to honor acceptable documents (according to form I9)
– requiring different documents than the law requires (according to form I9)
– using the e-verify system in a way to check immigration status
– threatening to file or filing a false police report
– threatening to contact immigration authorities
– reporting, or threatening to report,an employee’s suspected status as an undocumented worker to immigration authorities after that employee exercises employment-related rights.

**This bill would require a $10,000 penalty fee to be awarded to the employee or employees who suffered the violation**

As a business owner and operator, you are going to need to protect yourself regarding the immigration status of your employees. In order to do this, 1) you need to make sure you have the right Employment Practices Liability Insurance to cover you against many types of employee complaints and lawsuits and 2when in doubt, if a situation like this ever arises, make sure you call a labor attorney to explain in detail the situation at hand and avoid getting yourself in trouble.

To view the full text of Bill AB-2751

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