“An Ounce of Preparation is Worth A Pound of Cure” [Emergency Preparedness]

“An Ounce of Preparation is Worth A Pound of Cure” [Emergency Preparedness]

Are you and your business prepared for an emergency? Do you have a plan in place in case of a fire, an earthquake, a robbery, a pipe burst, etc?

Creating and enforcing an Emergency Preparedness Plan may not seem like a top priority for you, but if disaster strikes, you will be very glad that you did!

It is very important to ask yourself these fundamental questions:

*Does my business have an emergency procedure in place?

*Would my employees know what to do in case of an emergency?

*Do I have a posted Contact List of who to call in case of an emergency?
(ex: Fire Department, 24-hour plumber, etc.)

*Do I have a back-up power generator for my business in case of a power outage
(avoid food spoilage!)

There are professional companies that you can hire to create emergency preparedness plans for your business, or you can visit the FEMA.gov (Federal Emergency Management Agency) or SBA.gov (The U.S. Small Business Administration) websites for more in depth information.


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