4 Tips For Lowering Your Worker’s Compensation Insurance Costs

4 Tips For Lowering Your Worker’s Compensation Insurance Costs

Here are a few ways you can lower your Worker’s Compensation Insurance costs:

Loss Control and Safety is critical for preventing losses in the workplace. Remind employees of safe practices including lifting, cutting, and the hazard of wet floors. Periodic safety meetings and incentive programs should be used to promote workplace safety. Decreasing losses will reduce your overall insurance costs.

Bring employees back to work faster. The longer injured employees stay out of work on disability, the higher wage replacement and medical costs — and, therefore, your workers’ comp premiums — will be. To reduce this time as much as possible, create a formal return-to-work program that encourages injured employees to get back to work as quickly as they can.

Rates can vary greatly between insurance companies from year to year. Make sure your agent is aggressively negotiating for the best possible rate for your business each and every renewal. At Cooper’s Insurance Agency we have access to most of the major carriers and we routinely review all policies for the best rate annually at renewal.

Implement a different loss control incentive every month for employees. One of our clients does this now and finds that it is a great way to promote safety. A recent incentive rewards all employees with a lottery ticket each for any month in which there are no claims. It has reduced their claim frequency drastically.