“4 Actions” – Protect Your Assets After a Car Accident

“4 Actions” – Protect Your Assets After a Car Accident

If you were just in an Auto Accident, you can sometimes find yourself frazzled, and having a hard time keeping information and facts straight. This is exactly why we recommend following this invaluable 4-step process of actions that will result in the safest and smartest way to get your side of the story correct:

* ACTION 1: DIAL 911
-Make sure you are unhurt
-Call the police
-Stay on site until officers arrive

-Take clear, detailed pictures of the following:
*The DRIVER’S LICENSE of the person you were involved in the accident with
*His/Her VIN (Vehicle Identification Number – usually located on the bottom-left corner of the driver’s side of the dash)
*The DAMAGE done to you vehicle, as well has his/hers
*The inside of his/her car, showing who was driving, and if there were any passengers in the car at the time of the accident
-These photos will help you reduce the possibility of fraudulent claims and settlements!
-Do not just write down his/her information!
*You could make a mistake!
*His/Her documents could be fake, expired or out of force!
Often after an accident, people claim there were passengers in the car when there may not have been anyone else in the car at the time of the accident. Drivers also often claim they were not the person driving, and without your photo, you may have no proof of who was really driving the car!

-Call the insurance provider named on the other driver’s proof of insurance
VERIFY that this is a legitimate insurance carrier, and that the policy is still in force

-No matter what happened, DO NOT ADMIT to the other driver that you are the one at fault!
-Fault will be determined by the police, and anything you say to other driver can be taken as an admission of fault – so watch what you say!

PRINT THIS LIST! (“Copy” and “Paste” into word processor)
These 4 actions can serve as a wonderful tool in the unfortunate case of an auto accident. You can use these steps as a checklist to ensure you collect ALL the relevant information that you need to report an accident as accurately as possible.