These Five Claims Should Have Never Happened!

These Five Claims Should Have Never Happened!

At Coopers Insurance Agency, our collective expertise and experts are here to give you the knowledge, tools and resources to increase your profits, reduce your costs and lower your risks for claims.

That’s why the one-minute “Tip of the Week” video series was created. Since we started these tips in January, we have had great responses from a lot of our clients. However, during that time, we have also received five Insurance Claims that could have been completely avoided by utilizing the information within these tips!

Sometimes big presents come in small packages…

The Tip of the Week” video series created by Scott Cooper and Coopers Insurance Agency is a playlist of extremely useful ‘tidbits’ of information in the form of one-minute videos.

The subjects discussed in these videos span the gamut of insurance industry topics, including “Service Animals and Potential ADA Lawsuits Against Your Business“, “Sexual Harassment Training for Your Business“, “Non-Owned Auto – Delivery“, and many more!

A great tip can come from anywhere! 

Coopers Insurance Agency has the privilege of providing service to a multitude of business owners and professionals, many of whom generously share their insights with us. Our “Tip of the Week” video library has grown extensively since its inception early this year, and many of these clips were inspired by actual events involving real people and real insurance-related issues.

We prides ourselves on gathering relevant, accurate and even invaluable information for our clients. These tips make up a list of “Do’s & Don’t’s” that serves as a truly spectacular resource for any business owner (including our own)!

From reducing and preventing your claims and Lawsuits, to providing you with a more complete and comprehensive understanding of business and commercial insurance, our mission at Coopers Insurance Agency is to continuously provide our clients and even the general public at large with helpful, economical and practical insurance solutions to everyday, real-world problems as they arise.

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