The “Yelp Effect” is Undeniable! (Business Reviews)

The “Yelp Effect” is Undeniable! (Business Reviews)

Would you like to know how to gain more customers, motivate your staff and get more positive reviews on Yelp?

Yelp has become the industry standard for business reviews, and millions of people use it everyday to write reviews or to evaluate a business/service-provider for themselves. The sheer volume of people who make their decisions of where to spend their money based solely off Yelp reviews is staggering. This makes a positive standing on Yelp an absolute must for any business owner.

Imagine putting a practice in place in your business that would help draw in new/more customers while simultaneously boosting morale among your employees.

A great business strategy was passed on to us from Joe, a restaurant-owner client, who utilizes Yelp in just such a way!

Joe’s Tip: A Customer Satisfaction Survey/Comment Card is included with a guest’s bill, stating that if the service was beyond satisfactory, they could go on Yelp and post a positive review – mentioning their server by name – and the server would then be awarded a $25 prize from management.

This idea can be modified to work for your business!

Employee Incentives like this create a friendly, competitive energy among your employees and pushes them to do better. Their hard work and commitment to excellent service reflects very positively on your business, which will lead to more happy customers in the door and a multitude of powerful, positive reviews online.

The “Yelp Effect” is undeniable! Establishing and maintaining a significant and positive online presence for your business is imperative to stay relevant in this modern age. Make sure you are utilizing every tool possible to make your business stand out!

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