Health and Disability Insurance

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Health and Disability Insurance

Your health and your ability to earn income are among your most important assets. Coopers Insurance Agency can provide valuable protection in case you become sick or unable to work. We put our experience, expertise and volume of business to work to provide the best coverage and price available. Please contact us to request a quote and let us show you how we can provide you peace of mind at the lowest cost.

Health insurance provides long term protection for you and your family. It is a safety net, should you get sick or injured; it maintains your well being with tests, screenings and vaccinations; and most importantly, it gives you a peace of mind, knowing that your family is protected. Health insurance is also one of the most common and important benefits an employer can offer to employees.

Group Health Insurance

Provides health insurance protection for your employees at a discounted rate. More than 60 percent of Americans with private health coverage get it through employer sponsored group plans. It is the single most important benefit an employer can offer.

Individual Health Insurance

Provides health insurance protection for an individual and his or her family members.

Disability Insurance

Helps replace a major portion of your income when you are sick or injured and unable to work. Your income is your most important asset. Protecting it with disability insurance is not just a good decision – it’s essential.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Pays the cost of assisted living should you need help with day to day activities or skilled nursing care. Coverage is provided for in home care, assisted living, adult daycare, Alzheimer's facilities, and hospice care.

We can help you put together individual health and disability insurance plans for you and your family as well as benefit plans for your employees.

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