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Venema Service Inc. owner John Venema washes a customer's windshield while filling her car fuel tank with gas. Venema's Zeeland gas station is one of the few full serve stations in the state.
(Mark Copier | The Grand Rapids Press)
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Service & Gas Station Insurance

Coopers Insurance Agency is your one-stop coverage specialist for all your service stations insurance coverage needs. We have more than 29 years as a top broker and our experience and volume of business give us unique access to all insurance carriers for superior protection and the lowest price. Whether you have one station or dozens, our mission is to exceed your expectations and protect all of your assets. Cover your business! Contact us to find the lowest rates for any or all of your Service & Gas Station insurance needs or Click on any of the highlighted links below to request a quote today!

Providing coverage for all types of stations including:

Full Service (with or without repair bays)

Self Service

Convenience Stores

Car Washes (full serve and self serve)

General Liability

General Liability pays for losses that arise from real or alleged bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury on your service station premises or resulting from your operations.


Business property insurance is a type of insurance that pays a gas station owner who has suffered a financial loss when property has been damaged or destroyed.  Property is considered to be anything that has value. It can be classified as real property, such as your building and canopies, or personal property, such as your convenience store inventory, racks, and furnishings.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation covers injuries sustained on the job by your gas station employees. In most states, if you have employees, you are required to carry Workers Compensation coverage.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

This type of coverage provides protection for a gas station owner against claims made by employees, former employees, or potential employees. It covers discrimination (age, sex, race, disability, etc.), wrongful termination of employment, sexual harassment, and other employment-related allegations. It may also cover defense costs in the event of wage and hour law violations.

Commercial Auto

Provides coverage for autos owned by and used in your business as well as liability for your business if employees drive their own cars for work purposes, such as delivery. It may also provide coverage if your customers’ vehicles are left with you at your service station overnight.

Underground Storage Tank Pollution Liability

Provides coverage in case of leaks or spills from underground storage tanks that cause environmental damage and require clean-up.


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