Don’t Wait to Find Out!

Don’t Wait to Find Out!

Central Station Burglar Alarm systems and Sprinkler systems are fantastic systems for keeping your business safe, secure and as claim-free as possible.

As wonderful as these systems can be, you cannot afford to wait until after a burglary or fire to find out if they were set-up correctly and have been maintained properly.

Here are some proactive steps you MUST take to ensure your systems are up and running.

1. Upon installation, alarm system MUST BE ACTIVATED!
2. Burglar alarm systems NEED TO BE SET EVERY NIGHT at the end of the business day!
3. Alarms should be monitored for earliest possible alert and action.
4. Sprinkler system must be serviced and tested regularly! (contact system manufacturer or installation personnel for exact service schedule)

DO NOT WAIT TO FIND OUT if your alarm or sprinkler systems are functional and operational. Have these systems actively maintained, serviced and at the ready in case of emergency. You will be glad you did![/vc_column_text]

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